This is a low quality preview of my final project titled “Boxer_Reeper” and it metaphoricaly depicts an element of daydream and reality. In the short film I made I have a 3-D model I call him skel he is a skeleton with organs that I animated to become a boxer but after some gun shots go off outside the ring he quickly turns into the infamous “Grim Reeper.” I am the boxer and we become a duo in this short film.



Still Renders

render3angle renderangle4

These are some images from my reeper project freshly rendered in high definition. I ran into a problem because my rendered footage looks better than my live footage as far as clarity and lighting. This is a preview of how the transitions will look from live to animated footage.

Thesis Statement for Art 415 Fall of 2014

The combination of live film and digitally created images is something that is very common for entertainment and education. It can take reality to a place where is sometimes practical but less expensive or make the fantasy come to life. In educational videos digitally created images rule overall and compliment the lesson in a major way. With this project I plan to take a three dimensional model and feature it into a short film demonstration.